How much good would a good kid snack
if a good snack did snack good?

That’s what I wanted to know. I could make ‘em eat healthy meals at the dinner
table, but they’d gobble up junk food when it came to snacks—always rejecting my carrot
stick bags with a “Moooom, I want something good…”

What was it about snack foods that turned my beloved children (OK—me, too) into junk
munchin’ monsters? They’d be bouncing off the walls one minute, and crashing the next.
And those midday mood swings? Yikes.

So, I searched for “junk food” without the junk—wouldn’t that be the best
#snackhack ever? But even the so-called “healthier” options had just as much sugar
and high-glycemic starches as the junk they claimed to replace.

Then, I got an idea. Every time I craved a flavor, I wrote it down—and with lots of
research on how to make “something good” actually good for you, I developed
YummyHealth®. Thanks to tasty real-food ingredients, it was out with the bad
stuff, (like excess sugars, high-glycemic starches, GMOs and other artificial nonsense) and in with
the good stuff (like fiber, protein and healthy fats). The best part is, YummySnack®
products satisfy every craving—sweet, salty, spicy and everything in-between. So leave the
junk to the junkyard, my friends…you’ve got some real snackin’ to do.

Crave something good!