Our Team
Just like our snacks, the YummyHealth® team is made up of the very best.
Lisa Goldbaum

LISA GOLDBAUM is the founder of YummyHealth. After years of watching her two children become junk food addicts, Lisa started searching for healthier snack options that her kids would actually enjoy eating without a fight. She was disappointed to find that most so-called "healthy" snacks on the market contain as much sugar and processed starch as the regular commercial varieties, while the truly healthy snacks weren't appetizing to kids. This inspired Lisa, a former journalist, to investigate creating what would eventually become YummySnacks™—snacks made with real-food ingredients that are better for kids but still taste great and can be swapped in for their favorite junk.

Graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in 1992, Lisa worked as a financial and technology journalist for organizations including Forbes, Barron’s and Institutional Investor.

She lives with her husband and co-founder Rob, children Andy and Ashley and dog Summer in Westchester, New York and is working to continue to develop new products daily for the YummySnacks line. To ensure that YummySnacks are up to kid standards, she runs every product by the "Yumsters Panel," which includes her own kids as well as those of family, friends and neighbors!

Lisa hopes that with YummySnack® products, she will be able to greatly increase parents' awareness nationally of how critical it is to reduce their kids' sugar and processed starch intake—and how much easier it can be when you have yummy-but-healthier options on hand!

Robert Goldbaum

Rob is the co-founder and key strategist behind YummyHealth’s operations.

David Garen
Director of Sales & Marketing

David joined YummyHealth in 2015 as Director of Sales and Marketing, bringing 21 years of experience to the organization. He has held sales and marketing leadership positions with premier global employers including Apple Inc. and Microsoft. In these roles, he has been responsible for leading teams of more than 20 sales and marketing professionals, meeting aggressive sales targets, growing the business 3000% in a six month span, while delivering a world-class customer experience. At YummyHealth, he oversees the broker network and serves as an account manager for top-tier customers.

Don Townsend
Chief Executive/Marketing Officer

Don is a successful strategic sales & marketing executive that cut his teeth at Fortune 100 companies and has brought those skills to startup Natural/Organic companies (from $500K to $325M globally). He has been launching new brands into the health & wellness market since 1982 as an SVP, VP, NSM and Director of Sales, Marketing, Trade Marketing and Category Management Globally. Don has proven his ability to accelerate distribution for companies like Kellogg (Nutri-Grain, Smart Start, Special K), Sara Lee Brands, Shiloh Farms (Pure Living Organics, SimPur Organics) and 28 other natural brand startups. Don has been recognized by the industry at strengthening sales processes, building client relationships and developing new business opportunities. For fun, Don has taught Strategic Sales & Marketing in the MBA Program at the University of Delaware since 2001.

Our Experts
From research to product recipes, we (and you!) can always count on our experts!
David Engel, M.D., Cardiologist,
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
Dr. Engel is a board-certified cardiologist, an attending physician at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center, and an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University. As a Cornell University Medical College graduate, he has authored numerous articles in medical and scientific journals.
Kathryn Deibler, Ph.D.,
Food Chemistry
Kathryn is an innovative food scientist and flavor research expert with fifteen years on the forefront of collaborative industry and academic technology, working with suppliers and co-manufacturers to optimize production. Since earning her Ph.D. in Food Chemistry from Cornell University, she has consulted for food & beverage companies in the Fortune 500.
Marc Covent,
Food Industry Senior Executive
The former president of Slim-Fast Foods Companies, Marc Covent oversaw domestic and international operations, marketing and sales, and finance. Before joining Slim-Fast, Marc spent 17 years in retail drug store chains, with positions in operations, purchasing, merchandising and advertising. Marc consults numerous nutritional and food manufacturers and distributors, ranging from start-ups to companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.